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Dear everyone,


We are fully committed in preventing animal abuse as part of our support to animal causes/society, as all our staffs owned a dog in their family, from small breeds to big breeds, golden retrievers, corgis and more. And we seek your attention on this, if you feel that you are able to make a small contribution to make a difference or impact on the animals who are suffering right now, you may do so with the provided link :


One Time Donation : 

Hope For Paws One Time Donation


Recurring Donation : 

Hope For Paws Recuring Donation


Note : Please do keep our identity hidden when you are making a donation to them, do not include our site address or informing them about us, we wish to be like spiderman, saving the world while hiding behind a mask.


If you do feel like donating to us as well for all our hard work in maintaining the site in a neat way, we appreciate it alot, unfortunately, we do not accept any donations from visitors to any of our staffs or our Founder, if you wish, you may donate directly to the link provided above, as we have mentioned in our statement, we are fully committed in supporting animal causes(Everyone of us is going for this, we love pets alot). And we are not keeping all the site profits to ourselves. Almost 20% of our site profits goes to supporting causes, animal causes is one of them, we are unable to help out everyone in the world, but we do our best within our means. We knows how it feels to be in the situation in animals being abused, children’s being abused, we have seen real cases, real story. 


If you don’t wish to donate, you may also subscribe to their YouTube channel/or maybe not subscribe and watch their videos, the more views they have, the more high ranking they will get on YouTube and the video will reach out to more people easily for people to donate(which will be used for funds in their rescue operations).


This is the official YouTube channel of hopeforpaws :


Hope for paws Youtube Channel


***Please do note that we are not hired by hope for paws to make this donation request, neither any relations with them, it’s our initiative/willingness to help out because we appreciate what HopeForPaws has contributed to the animal society as we have been following their channel throughout, they truly deserves a spot for their donation campaign on our site, this section will cease if our site cease operations***


To know more about Hope For Paws : Hope For Paws

In short summary - Hope for Paws is a 501 C-3 non-profit animal rescue group based in Los Angeles, California that has given homeless and injured animals a chance for a good life. Since 2008, Eldad and Audrey have been running this two-person non-profit animal-rescue organization full-time.[1] During its early years, Hope for Paws operated ad hoc but quickly gained a number of loyal followers and supporters around the world when Eldad posted a YouTube video about a blind dog named Fiona


And on behalf of to all donators if you are planning to make a donation, thank you so much.


Our team wish you best of heath for your kindness.